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Helping businesses build, grow and succeed

Redefine business law with us. 

Forget everything you know about traditional law firms. At Johnsen Law, we’re redefining what it means to work as an attorney. We don’t do things like traditional law firms. We’ve been there, done that. We took the best, left the rest, and created what we believe is a better way.

The traditional law firm model is failing lawyers and clients. Too often, the structure, politics, and work environment lead to burnout, inefficiency, unhappiness, and the desire to leave the industry altogether.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Johnsen Law we are doing things a little different. Here, our attorneys own their own practice, receive transparent compensation, and are able to choose their own flexible working hours!

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We’re not your average law firm.



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We have a culture that fuels success.

We believe our firm’s culture determines its success. This is why we strive to maintain a culture that is fair, friendly, flexible, transparent, and entrepreneurial. Our goal is to foster a positive work environment that allows you to flourish and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

We’re better together.

Get to Know Us

We believe a successful firm is nothing without its attorneys to shape its culture and redefine what it means to work in business law. We are charting the course toward change and believe that among our attorneys are some of the most talented business-minded entrepreneurs and innovators in the industry.

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More reasons to love working here. 

 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Own your practice with the financial and legal support of a firm

 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Low firm overhead puts more money in your pocket

 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Eat what you kill and transparent compensation structure rewards performers

 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Work from home whenever you work best

 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Collaborate with a team of attorneys with diverse focus areas

 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Create additional revenue stream and get paid for recruiting other attorneys with ProfitPlus™

What is ProfitPlus™?

ProfitPlus™ is a recruiting program unique in the legal industry that creates an extra revenue stream for the attorneys at Johnsen Law.


A portion of the revenue from new recruits is reserved and distributed to those who have recruited new talent to our team, with each recruiter’s share determined by the revenue generated by their recruits. Because our firm believes in rewarding success and growth.

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 | Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

We have some requirements.

In order to maintain the high level of customer service and support our clients expect, we require each attorney to have partner-level experience in addition to one or more of the following qualifications:


〇 BigLaw experience

〇 In-house counsel experience

Business degree

Business experience

Are you ready to make an impact?

Do you think you have what it takes to help us redefine what it means to work in business law? We are looking for innovators, entrepreneurs, negotiators and out-of-the-box thinkers prepared to disrupt the status quo.


If you are ready to join us, email us your resume along with a cover letter letting us know why you’d like to work with us and why you’re looking to shake up the industry.

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