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Core Practice Areas

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX


We’ve worked on transactions as small as a few thousand dollars and as large as a few billion dollars.
And we’ve seen nearly every contract and transactional document out there. So, when you need
someone to review, revise or create any contract, feel confident in retaining us for the task.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Corporate Formation and Governing Documents

Let us show you the ropes of structuring and forming a new company. Structure your new entity.
Prepare governing documents. Stay on top of bylaws, partnership agreements, operating agreements
and anything else that might pop up along the way.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX


Navigating the laws and regulations that govern business isn’t easy. We get it (after all, many of us
have been there), and we’re here to help you steer through laws and regulations, ensuring you’re in

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX


To achieve a mutually beneficial employer-employee relationship, set clear expectations. We can help
you spell out those expectations with policies, procedures, handbooks, non-competes and
employment agreements that protect your business.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Commercial Real Estate

Buying? Selling? Leasing? Developing? Whatever stage you’re in, commercial real estate
involves a variety of major business decisions with legal implications. We’ll work on your
agreements and other matters and help make the whole process a smooth one.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Business Succession Planning

As the complexity of your business grows, so does the impact of your exit. We’ll prepare your
company for the future by planning and executing a strategy to pass your business to the next

generation. Having a well thought out plan reduces headaches and monetary loss all while preserving
your legacy.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Litigation and Appeals

From state and federal courts to arbitral tribunals, Johnsen Law has handled all aspects of numerous
cases involving complex commercial litigation and other matters. We don’t just understand the risks
and rewards of litigation and appeals. We take that knowledge and use it to craft common sense
business solutions for our clients.

Other Practice Areas

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TXng

Residential Real Estate

First home? Seasoned pro? Investor? No matter your experience level, we’ll make sure you receive
the best outcome possible if a problem develops during the buying or selling process.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX


Streamline your home purchase experience with Fidelity National Title Lake Houston, our attorney-
operated title company under the Johnsen Law umbrella of services. A highly focused approach to
your home purchase will empower your decisions and eliminate any buyer’s remorse by protecting
your deposit and earnest money.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Trusts and Estates

Life is unpredictable, so there’s no time like the present to get your affairs in order. We’ll
develop a full estate plan customized to your circumstances to make sure your loved ones are in
good hands. This includes a will, statutory durable power of attorney, medical power of
attorney, and other documents such as a trust.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX

Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

The best time to plan for long term care is well before you actually need it. We can help you plan
ahead for continuing care costs to preserve your hard-won assets for your family members. We’ll file
the paperwork and achieve eligibility on your behalf to ensure independence as long as possible.

Johnsen Law | Kingwood, TX


The death of a loved one is an extremely difficult and stressful time. We’ll ease the stress by
navigating the process with you, whether you want us to file paperwork or handle the distribution of
assets to loved ones. Get in touch with Johnsen Law today for all of your probate help and needs.

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